Strong for Life Workout exercise video DVD resistance tubes resistance training

Art Carey - The Philadelphia Inquirer
“Lonnie, you present the information with great clarity, and your soothing manner is inviting and reassuring.”

A perfect gift for yourself or someone you care about!
            The Strong for Life Workout exercise  video / DVD is safe and effective.  It begins with a light aerobic warm-up that is followed by the strength training exercises. Elastic tubing provides the resistance and the exercises work muscles of the chest, back, shoulder, arms and legs.  Four class members (two men and two women) help Lonnie demonstrate the exercises and they have fun exercising to the big band music.  Stretching is incorporated throughout the workout and the program ends with a relaxing cool-down.  Instructions regarding correct use of the figure eight-shaped resistance tubing are provided.  The video / DVD is 58 minutes long and most of the exercises can be performed either sitting or standing.

            The Strong for Life Workout is a perfect gift for yourself or someone you care about.  It is specifically designed for middle aged and older adults but it can also challenge younger adults when a tube with greater resistance is used.  Use it alone or invite your spouse or a friend to do the workout with you.  The video / DVD and resistance tubes provide a convenient, affordable, and portable way to strength train at home and when traveling.