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Strong for Life Workout
Strength Training For Older Adults and Cardiac Patients DVD

with Lonnie Sebastian

            At we believe strength training is an essential part of a well-rounded fitness program. Age-related loss of muscle mass, or sarcopenia, begins in one’s thirties and forties with a loss of 1% to 2% of muscle mass per year. By age 60, an average of 30 pounds of fat has replaced 15 pounds of muscle. By age 70, loss of strength often limits activities of daily living.


            Strength or resistance training helps preserve and increase muscle mass, strength, and function. It improves balance, increases bone density, and even benefits heart health. Strength training has favorable effects on metabolism, weight control, and insulin resistance. It is particularly important for older adults in helping to maintain health and vigor

            If you would like to begin strength training or would like to add another method of strength training to your current routine, there is a new option available.  In response to requests from clients in Lonnie Sebastian's community strength training program, she has developed a beginner strength training program using resistance tubing.  The Strong for Life Workout is specifically designed for mature adults (over age 55) but it can also challenge younger adults when a tube with greater resistance is used.   Use it alone or invite your spouse or a friend to do the workout with you.  The DVD and resistance tubes provide a convenient, affordable, and portable way to strength train at home and when traveling.

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